Interview with an Architect

Principal John Alexander Wright DIPCABD RIBA ARIAS started the practice in 2004. A strong advocate of sustainability and flexibility in architecture with a focus on the very particular specialisms of domestic and conservation architecture.

What made you want to be an architect?

I always loved working on creative endeavours from painting to sculpture and enjoyed problem solving from an early age. My pleasure taken from art and interest in science drew me towards a career in architecture as it uniquely combined both interests.

If you hadn’t become an architect, what would you be doing?

I have always had a passion for classic cars and aircraft although from an early age it was clear that buildings held the greatest interest through my experimentations with Lego and structurally dubious Tree houses. If I wasn’t an Architect I would have considered a career in car design.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The greatest pleasure is always seeing how proud the client is of their completed project and the positive impact the work can have on their lives. The amazing part of being an architect is to be able to conjour a design from a clients thoughts into something really special and unique to them. I try to learn from every job and add this experience to the next.

What influences your work most?

The importance of the brief and our clients influence our work the most. The best outcomes always rely on teamwork between the professionals, client and of course the contractor.

You’ve have friends visiting Scotland for the first time. Where would you take them?

First stop would most likely be Pollok park in Glasgow including a tour of the Burrell collection followed by a trip to Loch Lomond.

What Architects do you admire?

My favourite architect is without doubt American born John Lautner most famous for a James Bond house however his appeal to me lies in the use of materials, use of sculptural forms and the integration with the Landscape. In the UK I have a great deal of respect for Will Alsop for his innovative thought process and close link between art and architecture.

When you think about the future, what excites you?

I genuinely believe that every new job holds excitement for both us as architects and the client as end user. Working with new materials and technology is always exciting and we are currently exploring methods of increasing flexibility in dwellings to allow ease of alterations to evolve with family life in years to come. Employing new team members is also something that is exciting for the future to give additional dimension to our service.

What is most important in design right now?

I believe that creating buildings that are adaptable, sustainable as well as beautiful is important in design today.


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